Gambling.  It's a lot of people's "get rich quick" plan.  Every time you play the lottery, it's like you are buying hope.  And then when you lose (most likely) it's a let down... but didn't you alread kind of expect that outcome?

But this situation is a little bit different.  E-Tabs.  They have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years.  I have heard of people winning some huge jackpots around the state.  Not big like the Powerball jackpot, but a significant amount of money

But there is a problem.

Pull Tabs are legal in Minnesota.  It's charitable gambling, and that is absolutely ok.  Slot machines and tables are not legal in Minnesota as a whole - they are only allowed on the reservations.  So, that's generally what people do - head to one of the tribal casinos.

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E-Tabs spin like a slot machine and they also dole out bonuses like a slot machine.  Apparently that violates the state gambling laws.  It's really a fine line, because let's face it, e-tabs have helped pay for some large items in the state.  For instance, that is how US Bank Stadium paid off their loan so quickly.

What the likely change will be sounds like it will be much more like a regular pull-tab.  Only computerized.  The computer will "rip" a tab open just like you would rip open an actual paper pull-tab.  Exciting, right?  (enter sarcasm).

Anyway, when will this change happen?  From KSTP ABC news:

Starting in 2025, e-pull tabs will no longer be allowed to use “all-swipe” options and bonuses as part of the games. Native American casino owners and some lawmakers argued they too closely resembled slot machines.

So, if you love these e-tab machines the way they are now, play as much as you want for this year... then the change happens.  And as they say in the Hunger Games - "May the odds be ever in your favor".

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