Driving around this past weekend, we came upon this Pet Supplies store.  Since we were unfamiliar with the store, and love pets and everything to do with pets, we thought we would check it out.

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The new pet supply store has been open just about 2 months.  They have lots of healthy dog food, toys, and supplies.  Plus, if you need an area to give your furry friend a bath, they have a dog wash area within the store.  My dog is little and we can just give him a bath at home.  But some people's pets are rather large and it's nice to have a few options around town.  There are a few other places that have a dog wash, but as always, the more the merrier.  Plus it's nice to not have to get your own place all dirty and wet, as we all know how much dogs love to shake when they get wet.

They do also offer a rewards program that is free, but if you sign up, you can take advantage of some of the marked sale prices around the store and just save a few bucks on things that you are probably going to buy anyway.  So, why not save where you can?

Pet Supplies and More also offers grooming services.  It's great to have more options for that as well.  If you have a dog that needs to be groomed, sometimes it's tough to find an appointment with a groomer that you trust.

Oh, and if you would like to donate to the Tri County Humane Society with any purchase, you have that option too.  But that's totally up to you.

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