COLLEGEVILLE -- There is a new podcast series this summer that is focused on the mystery of the disappearance of Josh Guimond. The 20-year-old college student went missing on the campus of St. John's University nearly 20 years ago on November 9th, 2002.

Josh Newville's podcast is called Simply Vanished.

He says even though the technology back then isn't the same as it is now, he's been looking into Guimond's computer hard drive where he thinks he's found a treasure trove of possible leads.

That might suggest that he did actually make it back t his dorm room that night.  Moving into the second episode we really focused on the idea that there was a cluster of stalkings, attempted abductions, and assaults on college-age men in the area in the month that Josh went missing, and the years surrounding Josh's disappearance.

Newville has launched three episodes so far and in the upcoming fourth episode, he looks into the possibility that Guimond arranged to meet up with someone the night he disappeared.

It seems as if he had been talking to quite a few people online in the month leading up to his disappearance and that's the first time there's really been any evidence that suggests perhaps he did leave campus that night or he did plan to meet with someone.

The three episodes so far have led to new information and tips. He says he's hoping to announce a major development in the case next week.

Absolutely, in fact, this coming Monday I'll be announcing a pretty bombshell lead that we received after episode three that goes to the possibility that perhaps this was an abduction.

Newville says he has talked to the investigators in charge of the case at the Stearns County Sheriff's Office. He says he shares any new leads with them first before he pushes it out to the public. Newville says his primary goal is to advance the official investigation.

Try to recall what kind of people were around at that time that may have had something to do with this because this does seem more than likely at this point that it was probably foul play and we need to figure out who was responsible.

There is also an independent filmmaker who has also been looking into the case. Newville says he's sharing information with him too.

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Newville grew up in western Wisconsin so he was familiar with Guimond's disappearance and the cases of several other college-age men who went missing around the same time.

Newville is a civil rights lawyer in Minneapolis. He says he's never done a missing persons investigation like this before, but he has done a lot of investigation work with his job.

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