FOLEY -- As Foley Public Schools gets ready for the first day of classes, there’s a new face in the principal’s office.

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Joel Foss started as principal at Foley High School on July 1st and is looking forward to the start of school. Previously the Assistant Principal at Milaca, Foss says the small-town feel of Foley High School is one of its strengths.

I think they embody a lot of the small-town spirit. There's a lot of cohesiveness here, a lot of support from the community. The high school is still a hub of the community, which you don't see in a bigger community. I think a lot of that town pride is still here, and I think that's a big thing.

Foss has been working to ready the staff for the start of school Tuesday. He says the high school is fully staffed, but they can always use a few more subs.

We are fully staffed. It was a bit of a struggle, but we do have everyone on board right now. We can always use subs, whether they be educational assistants, teachers, bus drivers, any of those other positions, or custodial staff. Certainly, subs are at a premium.

Moving away from the COVID pandemic, Foss says a goal this year will be a return to a more normal, stable environment.

We all talked about the word normalcy. I think we're entering a new normal, I don't know that we'll ever be back to where we were four years ago. But certainly, I think it's more stable, and people are looking for that stability in a lot of ways.

Just in time for the new school year, the Foley Booster Club is hosting a golf scramble on September 24th at the Stony Creek Golf Club. Foss says it’s another way to support the school.

It's a good thing. It's done here in the community, it showcases our golf course here in town. It's one of those community events where we hope a lot of people come out and support the kids.

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