SARTELL (WJON News) -- Sartell-St. Stephen School District's new Community Education Director has a strong passion for Sartell schooling. Jen Traver has been the Community Education Director and Middle School Activities Director for four months now and says there's still a lot to learn.

She says being in both roles is an advantage for her and the district:

"I think what I've also learned is how necessary teamwork is and I think a lot of people look at my two jobs as two different jobs, and I think what people don't understand is how intertwined community ed and activities actually are, and how me being a singular person can actually help navigate some maybe some of the bumps in the road that we've had previously."

Traver says there are a lot of things that play off each other in her duel roles but the biggest challenge has been getting people to understand where to get information and what programs are taking place in a post-Covid world:

"I think that's the tackling of it is just getting the word out on what we do, what programming options but then also understanding that there's opportunity for employment, there's opportunity for growth, there's opportunity for community, and that in itself is I think the biggest role is just how do we get the word out."

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She says a big step in spreading the word is getting their winter stand-alone printed catalog out. It will be the first time Sartell Community Education has had a printed catalog since before COVID. The district hopes to have the winter catalog in people's hands by January.



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