I'm always interested when a new restaurant opens up in Minnesota.  I want to try it right away, but I know to wait a bit to let them "work out the kinks" before trying it out.

People in this area usually flock to openings of anything new.  Restaurants, stores, etc.  And as far as a store goes, that's probably fine.  But as far as a restaurant goes, I always wait a couple of weeks.

Here's why:

Lines are usually crazy long. Wait staff is generally completely overwhelmed. The food comes out slowly and many times not the way you ordered it.  And on top of that, many times they run out of whatever popular item is being advertised.

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After this experience, there are always the flood of comments on social media that say that the restaurant is awful, or not to go there because the service is terrible or whatever other excuse there is.  So, this is why I don't go right away. Every place that opens will need a minute to figure out their system, get it down pat and be able to effeciently servie their customers.

With that said... there is a new seasonal restaurant opening at the Lutsen Resort in Northern Minnesota.  The concept sounds great.  But yes, it's a drive and would probably be a weekend trip while skiing or doing some other winter sport.  But, if you are planning this type of trip, you may want to check out the lastest food fare at Lutsen.

The menu consists of a strong blend of contemporary and traditional North Shore Cuisine items. Our temperature-controlled wine cellar holds 1200 bottles of international and local fine wines. We carry 20 wines from the Wine Spectator Top 100 list, including the #1 wine.

Time to start planning a long weekend trip "Up North".

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