Admitedlly, I've never given much of a rats-ass who shot first between Han Solo and Greedo.

Admitedly, I liked several of the changes made to the re-release of the oringinal trilogy in the 90's.

I thought inserting Hayden Christensen into the end of Return of the Jedi was okay.

Han meeting with Jabba The Hut in Mos Eisley in A New Hope? Fake looking for the mostpart but it was kinda interesting to see that relationship fleshed out a little.

But now, with the upcoming release of the enitre Star Wars saga on blu ray, George Lucas has apparently given himself carte blanche to blindfold himself, hit mute, hit pause occassionally and tinker with whatever scene he randomly comes upon.

I mean what else explains this???

Darth Vader has been my favorite character since day one and James Earl Jones is a personal hero of mine so normally I'd be ecstatic at the idea of seeing more of the two at work together.

But the whole effin' point of that original Jedi scene was the brilliant way we could read Vader's/Anakin's thoughts by just a silent, up close shot of the blank mask. Watch and you'll see.

The blu rays will undoubtedly contain some wicked cool outtakes, documentaries, interviews, commentary, etc.

But as far as re worked scenes go, this thus far is the most egregious.

Greedo can shot first, somersault backwards, pull out two guns, blast away at Han for ten minutes before Solo decides there's simply no other choice but to defend himself even though deep in his heart he knows killing is wrong, and it still wouldn't be this bad.

Lets hope it doesn't get worse.

Star Wars - The Complete Saga is out September 16th.