Just walking around the mall I saw a new store.  It's Bullseye Action Target.  And it gives people a chance to target practice right inside the mall here in St. Cloud.

It looks as though it's basically a video game- but in real life.  You get to play and win prizes if you do well.  The range doesn't use real bullets, of course, it's an "airsoft range".  There are different levels and different experiences that you can take part in.

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To start playing it's only $10, and it does go up from there.  The store is set up like a shooting range, basically.  This could be fun for a group or just by yourself.  Head back a few times and see how you can improve.  With hunting season here, might be a good time to "bone up" on your skills.

These types of stores in the mall are kind of fun, gaming stores.  Instead of just shopping around, there are some other things to do, especially in the winter.  Or if you have holiday shopping to do and not everyone wants to wander the mall, again, something else to do.  I see so many guys that are sitting in their cars probably waiting for their significant other to do what they need to do in the mall.  Now, there's something for everyone.  And obviously not gender specific.

Hey- new idea for couples therapy.  Kidding about that, but could be some friendly competition.  The store is located towards the middle of the mall inbetween Macy's and JCPenney.

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