With word that retail stores are closing, Crossroads Mall has been taking some hits.  People have said that it's because no one is shopping at Crossroads anymore.  If you have been to Crossroads recently, you may have noticed that the mall is actually quite busy on a regular basis.  Obviously there will be some days that are busier than others, but generally it's busy.  Much more so than many other malls around the twin cities area.

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The announcement of a couple of stores closing within Crossroads Mall was because the store/company itself was filing chapter 11 bankruptcy.  It wasn't necessarily because the store wasn't doing well in the mall.  Although, with that said, when Chapter 11 is filed, they are doing some restructuring.  And that will include closing some underperforming stores, and apparently in this case, that included stores in the Crossroads Mall.  Those stores include Rue 21 and Express.  When Forever 21 and H & M closed, that was because the rent was too high.  They were making their sales goals for those stores in this market.

As I was walking through the mall near Target, I did find another relatively new store.  This time it is a beauty/skin products store.

Muna Beauty opened recently.  It's located in the Target wing, across from Riddles Jewelry.

What products do they sell?  This is a statement from them:

"Hello, welcome to MBC . We are dedicated towards making safe to use products with scientifically proven formulas that cater to all skin types. Our well researched team is working towards offering you the right products for your skin to solve any types of skin care concerns."

So, looks like something that may have their main competition as Ulta Beauty, which is located at the mall, but with only an outside entrance.

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