Would you buy these?  I mean really... people in Japan (where most everything is made... or China) must think that all we, as Americans, think about is how to keep our "junk" feeling good.  Now, being a girl, maybe I just don't get it.  This is completely possible. but this just seems completely ridiculous.

New boxer brief are designed in a way to make sure that everything is breathing... like there are two pouches in the underwear to separate and make sure that "things" point upward.  Is that where it's supposed to be?  Upward?  Well, ok.  I guess I never heard of that, but maybe it's like a bra.  Designed to lift and separate.

Is it necessary to keep your testies separate?  Reminds me of the movie Johnny Dangerously... remember that?  It starred Michael Keaton.  There was a little movie that they showed during this show.

Ok... maybe I get it now.  Still weird.

If you really have to have a pair of these bad boys you'll have to order through Amazon and they will cost you about $8.  Let me know how that turns out.


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