The new vinyl list this week is not as good as the past two or three, but as always there are some worth noting. Below are the LPs I thought were good for the week of 11/6.

--BEATLES – 3 different albums:

-The Beatles ’62-’66 (aka The Red Album):  A greatest hits LP of their early work. Reissued on vinyl on  3-LP set on 180 heavy-weight vinyl.

-The Beatles ’62-’66 & ’67-’70: A 6-LP box set combining the group's first two compilation albums. This one will set you back about $175.00.

-The Beatles ’67-’70: The second greatest hits couple with the box set above. Not sure why you would get one and two separately when you could get the 6-LP box set.

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--MICKEY DOLENZ – Dolenz Sings R.E.M.:  Only a four-song EP it is exactly what it says, the Monkees’ Mickey Dolenz sing four R.E.M. classics – Shiny Happy People, Radio Free Europe, Leaving New York, and one of my personal favorites Man on the Moon. The EP was produced by Monkee Michael Nesmith’s son Christian and comes on yellow/gold vinyl.  Dolenz also released a picture book this week called “I’m Told I Had a Good Time – The Mickey Dolenz Archives Volume 1,” which features over 1,200 rare photos from his private collection, many never published before. I will be picking up both of these for sure as I am a HUGE Monkees fan.

--BOB DYLAN – Time Out of Mind: A reissue of Dylan’s thirtieth studio album that originally came out in 1997. Reissued as a 2-LP set on gold vinyl.

--DANNY ELFMAN – Big Mess: A 4-LP limited deluxe edition box set that comes with an autograph.  It is a deluxe reissue of his 2021 album. Big Mess is the first album of Elfman singing original songs since his 1984 album “S0-LO” and his last with Oingo Boingo, “Boingo” back in 1994.

--FOGHAT – Sonic Magic: All new music from the classic rocker, their 17th studio album overall and their first in seven years. It is available on purple vinyl.

--GRATEFUL DEAD – Two releases for Dead Heads to enjoy.

-Built to Last: Reissue of their final studio album, 13th overall) originally released in 1989.

-Without a Net: Reissue of their eighth live album. It features live performances of music recorded from October 1989 to April 1990.

--JIMI HENDRIX – Jimi Hendrix Experience: Live At The Hollywood Bowl 8/18/67: Reissue of this classic, Originally recorded just five days before they released Are You Experienced, their debut LP, and taking off as an international supergroup.

--L.A. GUNS – LIVE! A Night on the Sunset Strip:  A Live LP that the group recorded at the Key Club on October 7, 1999. It is available on purple vinyl.

--ROLLING STONES – Two single LPs from their latest Hackney Diamonds:

-Angry 10”: First song released from Hackney Diamonds on 10” vinyl with etching on the backside. If you have not seen vinyl etching they are pretty cool. An image is engraved/etched into the vinyl. Great for hanging on the wall if you are not going to listen to it.

-Sweet Sounds of Heaven: The song from Hackney Diamonds the Stones did with Lady Gaga available as a limited edition single/10” with etching on one side.

--ACE OF BASE – Happy Nation: My had to include this week's album. It is a reissue of the Swedish band’s debut album from 1992 available as a picture disc. It has their hit songs “All That She Wants” and “Don’t Turn Around.”

Find these highlighted new releases at your favorite record store like the Electric Fetus, or Down In The Valley.

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