After a lot of back and forth, and trying to decide what to do with this situation... do they have the right to protest or not?  It's come down to no, you do not have the right to protest while you are "on the job".  And this, playing football, is their job.  Do that on your own time.  But, obviously, they aren't going to make nearly as big of an impact if they aren't doing that without a giant audience.

Super Bowl XLVI
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They ruling came down to this- if players, or a team kneels during the National Anthem, they will be fined.  If the player, or team doesn't feel that they can stand during the National Anthem, they are welcome to stay in the locker room.

How do you think this is going to play out during the season?  Just pay the fine?  Stay in the locker room?  If they do decide to pay the fines and just go ahead and kneel, how many times will they pay before it's going to hurt the pocketbook?  Not everyone is paid like a quarterback. Granted, they get paid a lot more than you and I, but they also live a bit more lavishly than we do.

This will be interesting to see how this one plays out.

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