So you're saying there's still a chance. Yes there is, albeit a small one.

Since no one got all the numbers in Saturday's Powerball, the jackpot goes up to $394 million Wednesday's drawing.

The winning numbers drawn Wednesday were: 2-9-17-36-67, Powerball: 18.

What kind of chance? 1 in 292,301,388.  If you beat those odds and win the Powerball jackpot this Wednesday, you can take the lump sum cash option and take home $275 million. Or do the annual payments.

I think most people would go for the lump sum because they want their money. But I think the annual payments might be the better choice. You're still getting millions a year, it gets left to your estate if you die and you pay less taxes. Plus, if you're bad at money, you know you'll always have more coming.

Either way, it's a lot of money.

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