The subject legalizing recreational marijuana doesn't seem to go away. More states are doing with great success.

Legal Sale Of Recreational Marijuana Begins In Colorado
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Opponents will have you believe that there will be pot shops across the street from schools, stone people will just be staggering around and my favorite is that marijuana is a dangerous drug.  Fact is there have been zero, that's right, zero overdoses reported using marijuana.


In most all states, a person using medical marijuana can be refused the right to buy a gun.  This only seems crazy because a person that drinks alcohol has no such restriction. A pot smoker with a gun is probably more likely to shoot himself while a drunk with a gun, lookout.

So, I am fully behind Minnesota's new governor and totally back the legal use of recreational marijuana. I'm for the tax revenue it would bring in. I'm for the continued research into the medical benefits of this ,in my opinion, miracle plant. Not to mention, just for the freedom of it all.  Crazy that a plant is illegal.

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