Delta Airlines has asked that passengers comply with their request to wear a mask upon entering the airport, all the way through the flight until you reach your destination.  Obviously, you can remove it to eat and drink on the flight.  But other than that, they request that you wear a mask.

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Actually, prior to this week, Delta was requiring employees and passengers to wear a mask. But, since an interview that happened with Delta CEO Ed Bastain, he admitted that they cannot enforce that request.  They cannot force someone to wear one because it isn't federally mandated.  But what they can do, is ban that passenger from every flying with Delta again.

Delta isn't the only airline requiring masks for all employees and passengers.  Along with Delta, American Airlines and United Airlines have also put this requirement into place. Also not clear if American and United are going along with the ban of passengers if they don't comply.

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It's unclear if the ban on Delta Airlines would last forever, or if it just would be for a year or something significantly shorter than that.  But how inconvenient would that be if you were banned from Delta... especially if you live in a hub city, or near a hub city like Minneapolis/St. Paul?  I would just comply.  Makes life a lot easier in the long run.  Of course there are exceptions... like a legit medical reason that keeps you from wearing one.

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