Again, with the mask issue.  First, I get that it's annoying.  It is.  But it is also what is being recommended to slow the spread of the Corornavirus.  It's something that is totally inconvenient.  It's an extra thing that a lot of people either disagree with, or just don't want to comply.

Airplane Traffic At JFK Airport in New York
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Here's the thing... if you don't comply on a flight, this is going to not only be an inconvenience for you, but for a lot of other people as well.  That is where I have an issue.  If you don't want to comply, that is up to you, I guess.  But when what you are not doing is going to affect what happens to others, then that becomes a problem.


Enter 2 passengers that were flying Delta from Detroit to Atlanta.  They didn't want to wear a mask.  By the way, every airline requires that right now.  They wouldn't don the mask, so the flight actually turned around and went back to Detroit.  The passengers were ushered off the flight and the flight did then take off and made the trip to Atlanta after a major delay.  Now, if you were on that flight and someone did that... no matter if you are for or against the mask mandate, how upset are you?

So, bottom line seems to be, please comply when you could possibly inconvenience others with your own belligerence and noncompliance. I for one would have been super upset with these people...especially if there was a connecting flight that I needed to make, or just delaying us in general.

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