Well, as a total people we will do that, but I do know some that won't.  One of the things I don't like is when at someone else's house and they have bad toilet paper.  Like the one ply stuff.  Who does that??  Get the good stuff, please.

Robert H. McGee/Getty Images

With that said, there are definitely some things that seem completely over priced that people will still buy.  Guess what people said was the most overpriced item.... concert tickets.  I have to agree.  Although it depends on the artist.  What would you pay to see an iconic band like the Eagles or the Stones?  I feel like paying more to see bands like that are better than paying a boatload of money to see someone like KISS.  That one might just be me, but I think they are all so and no go for the most part.  Sorry to all of you KISS fans out there.

Paul Kane, Getty Images

People seem to spend too much on other things too; like weddings, airline tickets, movie theatre popcorn, rent in some cases, and wine at restaurants.  That last one gets me every time.  And I still pay.

What's considered at "splurge worthy" besides the toilet paper thing?  Good toothpaste, good coffee, good skincare items and good shoes!  Definitely good shoes.  Your feet will thank you forever.