I'm disappointed.  I mean our powers that be... main management said we should all participate in celebrating St. Patrick's Day!  So, green is not my favorite color.  I got a hat.  And it's festive.  Believe me, the hats that I had to choose from were a bit risque.  Seriously.  This one was rather tame.  "Me Drinkin' Hat".  Festive.

Ashli, from our sister station, Mix 94.9 was EXTREMELY festive!  She was like decked out!  I just had the hat and some shirt that makes me look like a army green marshmallow.  Boobaloobies, that's all I see.  But Ashli looks great!  We should all look that good for holidays.  She even has the glasses that she says she really can't see out of... that might be a detriment, but other than that... right on!!

I don't know that I would wear this hat agai, or this shirt, either but I'm pretty sure Ashli should wear this outfit. Every. Day.  Right??

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