Time to make plans to head to the lake, a pool, or sprinkler in the back yard.  NOAA has predicted that this Summer in Minnesota will be hotter than normal.

We keep hearing from the Old Farmer's Almanac.  And from this source we have heard predictions anywhere from cold and rainy, to hot and rainy, to hot and dry to anything inbetween. I'm thinking that maybe they don't really know and are covering all of the bases.  I mean, one of them has to be right, right?  (yes, I said right right).

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This time the source is NOAA- I find them to be a bit more accurate, but is anyone predicting the weather ever really dependable?  Even when it's the local weather people and they are talking about the nex 24 to 48 hours they tend to be wrong... a lot.  Like it's kind of a running joke.  But, maybe this prediction will be accurate.  If so- we need to find fun things to do to cool off.  Plus, for me, it makes me appreciate the other seasons that we have here in Minnesota.  Fall is always a welcome sight after a very hot and possibly humid Summer.  This is why we live here- 4 seasons.


As far as if this is going to be a hot AND dry or wet summer, that is still to be determined.  We have heard both scenarios.  So, getting a little closer to each month will determine a more accurate prediction.  You can check out some of the NOAA predicted maps and what the weather trends seem to be.

But for now, if it turns out to be hot, and we get rain here and there like we're supposed to, looks like it's going to be a summer of outdoor events and more family and friends time. This is something that everyone is looking forward to considering the year we went through last year.  On with more group activities!

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