This past weekend, my boyfriend Dustin took me bow hunting for my first time - and let's just say it was a very different experience then what I am used to while rifle hunting! We saw lots of deer, and other animals - check out the videos!

Dustin took me down to Nodine, Minnesota to try bow hunting. Bow hunting is 100% different than any kind of hunting I am used to. Usually during rifle season, I sit up in a permanent deer stand that has a built in heater. (Roughing it, I know.) Bow hunting, I had to sit in a 12 foot tree stand in the bare elements - and couldn't even wipe my nose or eyes without risking the deer seeing my movements!

And don't get me started about trying to cover our smell. We used this stuff called Nose Jammer (RammerJammer, as it became known) and the smell of that stuff is so sickening. I even had to use it in the shower! Even though I went to the extreme over the weekend, it was amazingly fun to see all the deer and spend time in the trees with my #1. Check out the videos of some of the action we caught over Thanksgiving weekend!