North Star Curling has announced they plan offer "learn to curl classes" followed by two 10-week leagues. This sport has become a popular event to watch every 4 years at the Winter Olympics.

Founded in Scotland over 500 years ago, Curling is a sport played on ice by two teams of four people. Each curler slides two granite stones across the ice towards a circular target called a “house.” Other team members “sweep” the ice in front of the stone to help it maintain speed towards the target. Points are scored by the team with the stone closest to the center of the house. After eight rounds (also called “ends”) of play, the team with the highest score wins.

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Two-hour “Learn to Curl” classes will be offered at Herb Brooks National Hockey Center at 5pm and 7pm Sunday, January 8th, 15th, and 22nd for $35 per person. Registration is open now. Ten-week leagues will start Sunday, January 29th at 5pm and 7pm. League registration will open the first week in January. For more information and to sign up for classes or leagues, visit

North Star Curling Club is a 100% volunteer led and run non-profit sports education organization.


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