Steak houses.  Personally I do feel like there is a lack of great steak houses in this area.  Which is also odd because the midwest - meat and potatoes are a staple on most people's tables.  Yet, there are only a few great steak houses around.

In 2008, the last Steak and Ale steak house closed.  And now, we find out that they are making a comeback.  The first location will be in Burnsville.  According to Bring Me the News, this was supposed to happen a bit earlier than next year, but that was pushed off a bit.  Originally it was said that a Steak and Ale would open again this past summer.  But now has been pushed to 2024.

...the Texas-based company announced that the Burnsville Steak and Ale — the first of a planned rollout of 15 locations nationwide — will now open in April 2024.

If you're wondering where this is going to be located within Burnsville, it will be located Wyndham Hotel Nicollet Inn.

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If you remember the Steak and Ale restaurants, they looked like a Tudor house style decor.  Originally they started in 1966, and had a grea run up to 2008.  And now are being brought back.  Steak and Ale was known mostly for their salad bar and affordable entrees.  Hopefully they will continue with that trend.

In a News Release, the parent company Legendary Restaurant Brands CEO Paul Mangiamele said that they are going to try and keep what everyone loved about Steak and Ale while also making it in line with today.

The new S&A menu will feature all of its traditional favorites – from the giant salad bar, to the Hawaiian Chicken dinner and Kensington Club Steak – along with several contemporary touches, including a Prime Rib carving station with dramatic cast iron doors. Along with an array of beer, wine and cocktails, tableside salad service and Irish Coffee will be offered.

Looking forward to seeing this restaurant veing re-imagined and also when they add more locations that St. Cloud may be one of them.

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