This Spring and Summer in St. Cloud is full of construction in the South and Southeast side of the city.  The project on Cooper Avenue and part of University Drive was much needed.  The road on Cooper has been widened, and it has been wonderful for the residents who live on that road, as well as people who frequently drive on that route.  And now, with the extended sidewalk, it's been great for pedestrians and runners.  Must safer.

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Now, the project has extended onto University Drive in St. Cloud.  The sidewalks are being widened, and you may or may not have noticed that there is also a strip on the outside part of the sidewalk that is red.

Question is this - is that a bike lane?  Is it a part of the sidewalk that is to be used by bikes, scooters, in line skating, etc?  That would make sense, right?  That way that part of the sidewalk would be used by those people on wheels, as to not be on the street, and also make it safer for pedestrians on the sidewalk. Making it less likely to be hit by people riding anything with wheels.

Laura Bradshaw TSM/St Cloud
Laura Bradshaw TSM/St Cloud

I asked the City of St. Cloud what the reason was for the red strip, and this is the response I received from Bob Jopp, who is the City of St. Cloud's Project Engineer.

...the red colored concrete is pigmented that color (not painted).  This colored strip is being used to help delineate between the street on one side and the new multiuse path being constructed on the other.

So, now when you see the construction continue on University Drive, at least now you know why you will see the red part of the sidewalk.

Remember, University Drive will be closed beginning Friday, July 12th at 8pm from 9th Avenue to Killian Ave until at least the end of July.  Updates will continue.

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