'tis the season for Halloween and haunted and/or scary things to be talked about everywhere.  We have seen and heard about this road for awhile. Some people agree with the "haunted road" description.  Other people say that they have driven this road several times, and never experienced anything scary about it  I say... check it out, but don't go alone.

I'm not really one for seeking out scary, creepy or haunted places.  I have watched enough horror movies to know that you don't ever do certain things.

Here are the "rules" for participating in anything scary or haunted::

-Don't investigate the noise that seems super weird and you are alone

-Don't ever have "relations" in the woods or in a cabin or tent when there is an axe murderer on the loose.

-Don't ever say "I'll be right back" and leave the group all alone

-If you get to your car and you have actual keys to that car, you will absolutely 100% drop those keys and/or have a really hard time starting that car.

So, with that said, what do you think the odds are that I will be going out in search of this "haunted road"?  I'm saying slim to none.

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But, if you would like to go check it out, it's about an hour or so from St. Cloud near the town of New London.  Is it really haunted?  People say they have seen some very strange things.  According to "Only in Minnesota" the road looks pretty normal.  Like a regular country road.  But there is a legend tied to the road and the area.  The road is called Timber Lake Road.

...a woman who lived in a house near the road one day came home to find her children murdered. Devastated, she hung herself, and her ghost has wandered the road searching for the murderer ever since.

There have apparently been reports of red blinking eyes that people have seen from the road as they drive by. That one seems pretty far fetched, but who am I to judge?

The Colfax Cemetery is nearby and there have been some super creepy things reported from that site too.  This is where the woman and her children have been buried - supposedly, and people have heard weird stuff from the cemetery.

...visitors have sighted ghostly children wandering the graves. You may also hear strange sounds. Dogs howling, a woman wailing, and otherworldly screaming have all been reported.

Personally, no thank you.  But if you want to check it out, here is a map.  let me know how it goes.  Make sure and go at night, too. Maybe make a plan this month for a Halloween "adventure".

Google Maps
Google Maps

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