Now that we know who is playing in that big game coming up on February 11th, we can start talking about the things that really matter... the FOOD! What are you making for your party?

There are always the staples... burgers, brats, little weinies, (insert joke), maybe a veggie tray, various wings, the ham, cheese and pickle rollups, and some others.  But I am all about the dips and side dishes.

Buffalo Chicken Dip

There are some variations of this one, but generally I like to add canned chicken, ranch AND blue cheese dressing and Franks hot sauce.  Maybe add in some cream cheese too.  That always makes everything better.  Here is the official recipe


This one has a ton of variations as well.  I even like the idea when people just make the entire table a nacho table.  Like you just scoop at will and add to a plate... ideally.  Or just use the chip as your plate.  Not judgement.  I'd give you a recipe for this one, but it's really whatever you want to add.  I am partial to bbq shredded chicken nachos though, myself.

Blue Cheese stuffed Chicken Meatballs

This one is new to me.  But sounds delicious.  Here is the recipe for this one.

Bacon wrapped Dates with Goat Cheese

I don't even like dates, and this is delicious!  Easy too. Simply split a date open, add some goat cheese, wrap with some bacon, hold together and with a toothpick, bake at 350 for about 10-15 minutes (keep an eye on them as every oven differs).  Voila!  Delish!

Sausage stuffed Mushrooms

I'm seeing a theme.  Stuffed food is delicious.  You will need some semi-large portabello mushrooms for this one.  Here is the recipe for your sausage goop.

Stuffed Potato Boats

This one is totally up to you and your taste. Bake potatoes, split in two the long way.  Then add whatever toppings you would like, stick them back in the oven just to melt the cheese (if you added that) and eat.  Yummy!!

What other staples would you add to your big game party?

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