The Walking Dead, now in it's 8th season doesn't have a lot of firsts to do anymore.  Seriously, what else can they possibly do?  I thought it was pretty gross last week with the swamp walkers.  They were all full of algae and growing mushrooms on their faces and such. Yuck!!

Anyway, the producers of the show mentioned a few months ago that there would be their very first nude walker.  And everyone seemed so excited about this happening.  Groundbreaking even.  Not.  Why would anyone think this would be something spectacular?  I mean think about it, it's a walker.  They have mostly been around for years now... depending on when they died.  Why would this be anything enticing?  And yes, basically it looked like someone dressed in a gross leotard.  Like an adult onesie that's super dirty and full of holes.

So, for anyone that was hoping it was going to be something porn star quality, nope, you'll be disappointed.  And I have no idea why you'd think that would be the case.  It was what it was.  Pile of yuck.

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