Hardly anything is more exhausting for me than trying to find something worth watching, especially binge watching.  I hate to complain, but it seems to me that there is way too much to pick from. I can spend an hour just going through Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and my YouTube TV.

What I've managed to polish off, so far, is " Hand of God" with Ron Pearlman and Dana Delany (yowza). I watched the entire series in about 2 days.  Also, really enjoyed "Madmen". It took me awhile but I finished off that series, too.


I'm hoping they do another season of "The Amazing Miss Mazel". First two seasons were great but left me wanting more.  I was disappointed that comedian Jim Jefferie's "Legit" ended after such a short run. A little dark but very funny. Jerry Seinfeld's "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" was pretty entertaining but I'm running out of those episodes also.

So, what I need are suggestions. Some criteria; no dragons, zombies or superheroes, and nothing I actually have to pay for.  The rest is fair game. Let me have your suggestions.

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