Johnny U came into the studio again this morning.  He was armed with two jokes today.  He must have known the first one was going to bomb.  Like I didn't even get it until he explained it to me.  Ole and Lena... that might explain it.

The second one was better....

Obviously I needed to be a bit closer to Johnny U.  My bad.  Turn the volume up!

Now- the second joke I actually get... but is this something people actually do?  I am without children, so I'm not sure what people do... in the afternoon.  Maybe this could be a good idea- popsicles.  Who doesn't like a good popsicle?  And if it keeps certain people occupied... win win!!

Johnny will be back in again next week with another joke.  I do use that term loosely.  Joke.  That is to be determined by the person listening.  Well- technically it is still a joke whether it be good or bad, right?

Until next week....

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