How great would it be to only have to work one day, that's right, one day a week. Doing the math on this, I'm coming up with a 6 day weekend, every week. Sounds pretty sweet, doesn't it?

A new study out of the UK found that working just one day a week is not only good for many reasons but also, it's the best for your mental health. Any extra work beyond that is doing zero good for your mental health.

If you don't work at all, the study finds, you get none of the healthy benefits from feeling productive.


The researchers say " The traditional model, in which everyone works around 40 hours a week, was never based on how much work was good for people".

Despite the finding that one day of work a week is good for you, it's not what most people want. When the survey asked people how many days a week they would work if money was no object, only 2% said one day a week.

Personally, I'm all for the one day work week, with full pay of course. It's kind of sad how much time in our lives we spend just trying to survive.

Don't look for your workplace to implement the one day work week anytime soon, or ever.

(ABC 7-New York/YouGov)

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