In February, Minnesota will have the chance to meet one of the funniest people in America. Her name is Leanne Morgan, she’s a comedian who is performing in St. Paul on February 24th and 25th at the Ordway Music Theatre. 

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Leanne will be on her “Just Getting Started Tour” in 2024 and has two shows scheduled both dates in St. Paul.  

Leanne Morgan isn’t the typical comedian, because her path hasn’t been typical. She is the mother of three grown children, and she spent the majority of her adulthood raising them.  

And that’s where a good basis for her comedy comes from, her family. You see Leanne wanted to pursue acting after college, but being from a small town in Tennessee, she didn’t think it would be able to come true. She met her husband Chuck and started a family. 

To help supplement their income, she would sell jewelry at home parties. Leanne’s pitch was more about the daily challenges of being a mama than jewelry a lot of the time and led to her being so popular, her parties were booked a year in advance. 

The jewelry company noticed her popularity and asked her to be the speaker at their company sales meetings. Then in 2001, Leanne’s family moved to Texas, and she found comedy clubs and that’s when things started happening.  

You’ll hear her reference her “little mama and daddy”, and everything with Leanne Morgan is “Yummy”. That’s her expression for something that she loves, or at least really likes. 

Leanne’s southern accent is authentic, her stories are mostly real, and she’ll make you feel like you’ve known her all of your life. Most likely if you see or watch Leanne Morgan, she’ll say at least one thing you’re going to really relate to.  

I learned about Leanne from my wife Kim. I told Leanne that there had been so many nights my wife would wake me up laughing or find something so funny that she would actually wake me up to see what she was watching. I also told Leanne she had been in our bed a lot more than I liked. I wasn’t surprised when she told me I wasn’t the first husband to tell her that.  

There are tickets still available, but you had better get them now, they are likely to sell out. You are guaranteed to leave with your sides and cheeks hurting from the laughing, and if you don’t you should probably go straight to the Emergency Room, because there’s something wrong with you, and not Leanne. (kidding or am I?). Go find out for yourself in St. Paul in February.  

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