Dear Mr. Walsh and Coach Zimmer,

We just started the season and I'm already needing an anxiety prescription. That's my cure while cheering for you. Please find your cure and make it consistent please!

So another season is here and there's some new faces on the team. We expect these new faces to make some mistakes as they get used to each player and the overall team play, and I can deal with that without a prescription. There's something to be said about having a veteran kicker and placeholder. It's the saving grace of a team to put numbers on the board when nobody else can pull through with touchdowns. There's something going on that needs to be addressed before the next game though.

Blair, you've been a beast with reliability in the past years. If it came down to a field goal to win, we knew we had the "W". The wind got knocked out of us when you missed the crucial 27-yard kick last year against the Seahawks, which would have won us the game. I felt terrible for you as I watched you walk off the field, visibly embarrassed and crushed at what just happened. Thank you for explaining what happened with that kick, after all, I can't imagine playing in one of the coldest games in history and being perfect.

This past Sunday we saw almost the same thing to start the game, except from 37-yards, then (twice) a 56-yard. Then again in the 3rd quarter in a point-after attempt. Yes, you made 4 perfect field goals in Sunday's game, which were key to our win.

If it's a superstitious thing that's causing you to mentally misdirect your kicks, or even the laces being in, whatever it is, can you please address it and put it to bed? We need our veteran perfect kicker back. Along with that, we can't wonder if we're going to lose a game that comes down to a field goal with 1 second left.

Coach Zimmer, we rely on Walsh too much. The pressure a Minnesota kicker has on him is tremendous, and has been that way for years. It was for Gary Anderson, and is also for Blair Walsh. We need to start crossing the goal line on offense more, period. The red zone is our friend that we seem to not hang out on, or visit, very often.

We got the win on Sunday, but it was ugly. Our defense shouldn't be carrying the team. With our QB situation, Peterson needs to get more than 31 yards total, and Hill needs to find more than Rudolph, as well as an end zone.

You can guarantee the Packers are going to score points next week. Can we agree to put the offense in the end zone a few times, and just let the defense worry about keeping points away from the Pack? I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd like to see Walsh feel, just once, that he needs to worry about the 'point after' instead of threading a needle from a mile away.

Thanks for listening :)

Your loyal fan,
Barry Allen

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