To the lady in the customer service line at Kohl's in St. Cloud. I understand that it might be inconvenient that there is only one open cash register zone at Kohl's currently.  And I understand that you probably saw an opportunity to use the customer service area to ring up your purchases while you may have also had a return.

But when you see that a line if forming behind you, and you continue to bring more and more items out of your shopping cart...yes, you had a cart full of little things, maybe try and get the transaction completed as quickly as possible.

The time when you turned around to the rest of us in line and said a little "sorry" really just added to the aggravation.  It really just showed that you realized that it was taking quite a bit of time, but you continued to talk to the person ringing you up at the customer service area commenting on everything you were buying.  Making references to "how cute" something was, and who in your family would love to have it.  What a "great deal" something else was, and having an apparent complete disregard to anyone else behind you.  Your little "sorry" didn't help.

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The customer service area at Kohl's also doubles as the Amazon return area.  That is super convenient for anyone needing to return something purchased through Amazon.  They will just scan it, and you are done!  No packing it up, no getting a return label, nothing.  But when you have just the one item to it looked like the other 5 of us in line did, and we "get" to stand behind you waiting for you to complete your sizable transaction, it gets a bit annoying.

I have worked A LOT of retail.  And I understand that when you walked up to the customer service counter with (hopefully) a return, they may have offered to ring you up, or you may have asked.  But again, when you notice a line forming behind you...try and be considerate and keep the chit chat to a minimum.  Thank You!

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