First of all, I need to disclose that I'm not much of a whiskey girl.  Occasionally I do find some sort of whiskey that is ok.  But that is not the norm for me.  But this drink combination is pretty good, and I came upon it with someone else's advice.

The combination is DIET Mountain Dew (Which I normally don't care for, I like the regular stuff better) and Apple flavored whiskey.  For this purpose I used Crown Apple.  But people have used different brands of whiskey, and they all are good.  Some better than others, but it's surprisingly tasty.

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I'm not sure why the magic that happens is with the Diet Mountain Dew. but the same effect does not happen with regular Mountain Dew.  It also doesn't taste as good with Sprite, or 7UP or any of those other sodas.  I have no idea why, but the Diet Mountain Dew seems to do the trick.  But go ahead and try those others and you may like it another way.  Personally, and with a few others, we have come to the conclusion that it needs to be Diet Mountain Dew.

As far as what the ratio needs to be, well, that is mostly up to your taste.  But I generally go with the 1 ounce per 12 ounce glass.  With ice, and mixed with the soda.  But you may prefer to make your drink a bit stronger.  Your choice!

Anyway, I encourage you to test it out yourself and let me know what your thoughts are.  Maybe you're going to think it's disgusting.  That's fine.  I thought it was very yumm-o.


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