Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne put their Malibu digs on the market for $14 million. Now we know why they're asking so much for their house. 

The high asking price was not because they lived in it, or the fact that it was featured in The Osbournes reality show. Ozzy and Sharon are asking so much for their house because they owe almost $2 million in back taxes and are at risk of losing the property.

From TMZ.com, the Osbournes owe roughly $719,000 for 2008 and just over $1.02 million for 2009. Sharon had her own tax trouble in 2009, when she failed to pay $23 thousand dollars in taxes and like mother like daughter, Kelly Osbourne had a tax lien filed against her by the State of California for $34 thousand dollars last month.

Meanwhile, in happier news, one of Black Sabbath's albums is being born again. The record Born Again will be reissued in a deluxe edition next month. Born Again is a very unique work within the Sabbath catalog, as it's the only one that featured Ian Gillan on vocals. Ozzy is also reissuing a few of his solo works  in conjunction with Record Store Day April 16.

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