Years ago, when I was living in Fargo, there was a news anchor who quit to move to Northern Minnesota.  I used to watch him every morning, and when he quit I was kind of bummed.  You get used to watching or listening to the same people every day as part of your daily routine.  And when that is disturbed it can throw things off a bit.  You're invested in this personality and seems like the end of an era in some cases.

Onward and upward... the news anchor I'm referring to is Jason Vincent.  He moved to Northern Minnesota, Two Harbors to open a small but very quaint coffee shop.  This was quite a few years ago, and it became quite a success.  He and Jeff Anderson bought the business in 2014, remodeled and reimagined it, and now the Vanilla Bean is a huge success. There is a second location in Duluth.  They also own The Boat Club Restaurant which is located in Fitger's historic Inn in Duluth.  

Since they do own a few businesses, now is the time to let someone else take the reins of the Two Harbor's Vanilla Bean location.  It's a success, it's turnkey, it might be the perfect thing for someone who wants to start a business... or continue one in this part of the state.  You don't have to build something from the ground up, it's already established.  Perfect.  You have the choice of either buying or leasing.  The lease option might be the right way to go if you are a first time business owner to get your feet wet.  Check out the listing here.

This Newly Listed Mansion Is Less Than 30 Miles From Saint Cloud!

One home, less than 30 miles from Saint Cloud that was just listed sits on 40 acres and features its own basketball court, private 'spring-fed' lake, and gourmet kitchen, among other luxuries. This home is absolutely gorgeous and could be yours for JUST $2.1 million. 

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