What an interesting concept, right?  So, this town in Southern Minnesota called Whalan has a parade each year.  But it's got sort of a different concept.  The town is only 2 blocks long.  So, the parade would really have no where to go.  How to fix that?  The parade is still.  It doesn't move.  The parade goers, which normally camp out in the same space and watch the parade go by, actually get up and walk.  Strange, right?  Parade doesn't move.  The people do.

With parade season kicking off to a pretty big start this month... and if you are someone who is in the parade, wouldn't it be a nice change to just stand there and have everyone else walk instead?  So, do they just have a time period when the parade is going on?  Like an open house.  Parade is from 11 to 1.  Come and walk around all of your favorites.

Unfortunately we have missed it for this year...but I'm thinking I'm going to make plans for this next year.

Would make throwing candy easier, too.  By the way, I'm all for this.


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