Governor Walz has stated that in this phase of reopening the economy, that theatres are included and can reopen with up to 25% capacity.

(PHOTO: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)
(PHOTO: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)

But as I checked in with a few theatres, and from what I have seen on social media sites, most of the movie theatres will be holding off for a few more weeks.  This is because most of the blockbuster summer movies have been halted due to the coronavirus shut down, and frankly, there just aren't any movies right now to show.

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There are some theatres that will be opening with some re-releases and also some classic movie showings like Purple Rain, or some kids movies.

I asked the manager at Parkwood Cinema here in St. Cloud about their re-opening plan and he said he didn't have a date quite yet, but it would be soon.  There are also some things that will be implemented upon the reopen. Those guidelines are posted on their social media pages and websites.

One of the things that they request (like everyone does) that you please stay home if you are feeling sick.  Practice social distancing and wearing a mask is encouraged.  It's also a good idea to pre-order your tickets so you don't need to do that when you get to the theatre.  You can also pre-order your food and concessions.  The bar and restaurant have limited hours, so just be aware of that.  When you order your seats- they will allow groups to sit together, but there will be blocked off seats and rows inbetween those groups (that bought their seats together).  Social distancing practices in the lobby as well as in the actual theatres.  You can check out the full list of guidelines so you will be prepared once the theatre opens up.

Have a great summer and hopefully we can see some awesome movies AT the theatre soon!

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