I was always tempted to get a parrot as a pet but figured after living with me for any amount of time, his vocabulary would be a little spicy.

So, this parrot escaped his owners and was perched up on a rooftop. The local fire department was called and like the heroes they are, they proceeded to try get the parrot off the roof.

The Macaw parrot named Jessie really didn't think much of the firefighters sent to rescue her. She didn't hold back in expressing her thoughts.


The bird's owner gave the rescue team some suggestions on how to warm up to Jessie. To bone with the parrot, he told rescuers to say "I love you". Evidently, Jessie did not feel the same about the firefighters. She told one rescuer to "F**k off".

Eventually, Jessie the parrot was rescued but not before an amusing tirade of swearing..

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