For those that lived through it, the break up of the Beatles was probably one of the worst break ups they've ever gone through and many blame one person for it, here, Paul McCartney talks about the truth behind the break up and how he felt about it all. 

Most Beatle fans I know put sole blame on John Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono for the group's breakup, but in a new interview with David Frost, Paul McCartney says that it wasn't all her fault. The UK's Guardian says that Paul was "uncharacteristically outspoken" in a brand new hour long interview about the breakup of the band.

Paul goes on to say that Yoko didn't break up the band and that the band was already breaking up. He says that he knew John was on his way out and that by John leaving it certainly made the rest of the group sit up and take notice, but John officially left the band on September 20, 1969, but Paul didn't officially file for divorce essentially until December 31, 1970. Everything was so messy and there was so many legal issues that the dissolution wasn't made final until January 9, 1975.

He does praise Yoko in the interview and said that by John meeting Yoko opened up a side of John that allowed him to write songs like Imagine, but says that having her in the recording sessions for the Beatles was "difficult", but that wasn't the reason the Fab Four went their separate ways. Paul says the band was disagreeing about who should manage the band's financial affairs after the death of their long time manager Brian Epstein. They all went their separate ways and Paul says he's not sad about it because they left a "neat body of work" behind.