Or at least their small part of the world.  Holidays!

I was out shopping around St. Cloud yesterday, looking for Easter treats.  I came across this...

PEEPS!!  In all shapes, sizes and forms.  Stuffed ones, plastic ones AND Peeps on a stick.


That one might belong at the fair.  This is getting out of control.  Are there that many people that actually like Peeps.  I think they are disgusting.

When they made Oreos in Peeps flavor, I thought that was it.  Nope.  There is more.

Laura Bradshaw

Now kids are supposed to carry around a Peeps Easter basket??  C'mon!!  Now this is getting out of control.  And what happened to just having a Teddy Bear for a stuffed animal?  Stuffed Peeps.  No way.

Laura Bradshaw

And this... Peeps Delights.  There is no delight in Peeps.  I guess maybe they are trying.  And failing!  Although I do have friends that say that Peeps are best if you leave them for about a year wrapped up so they get super hard.  Then they are great for dunking.  Like in your coffee.

I'm saying if you leave ANYTHING for a year- food related and it's still ok to consume... something is just not right.  A YEAR and all that has happened is that they have gotten hard???  Nope!