]Throughout this pandemic, people who have been in nursing homes have really been alone and isolated.  Recently, that restriction has been lifted, somewhat, but it's only for a few people.  That's why this is such a cool story.

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Friendship Manor, a long term care facility in Shakopee, had their residents put up pictures  on social media requesting pen pals.  This was a huge success and the residents got mail for all over the country.  Even if it's people they didn't know, it's nice to get all of this mail with well wishes from so many people.  Some of the residents even took time to write thank you notes to the people who sent them cards and letters.

KARE 11 did a story on this...

This story just warms my heart.  I don't have any relatives or really anyone that I know that is in a long term care facility, but just hearing about how lonely it has been for them has been kind of awful.  I know of a couple of that have relatives that are in their end days and not being able to go and see them and spend some time with them has been really hard.  I can't imagine not being able to say good bye to a loved one when you know their time is very near.  Horrible. But even if they aren't in that situation, and just living in one of these facilities has to be very isolating during this pandemic.

It's nice to hear some good things like this.  We don't hear that much of this, and we need more "feel-good" moments like these.

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