Well, the coronavirus stimulus deposits have started to show up in bank accounts all over the country. Bank websites were overloaded the last few days with people checking to see if their payment had arrived yet.

Economic Stimulus Package Tax Rebate Checks Printed
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People are spending their payments on a variety of things, like bills, etc.  But some have gone to the wild side.

One lady spent her's on some household bill and stuff but also picked herself up a real deal on an inflatable dinosaur costume.



“F - - k it I’m buying a stripper pole with my stimulus check. We have to invest in our future,” tweeted someone with aspirations of becoming a stripper. We all need goals.


Obviously a big fan of Tiger King, this guy tweeted  “Hear me out — Who wants to combine their stimulus checks with me, and we can buy a tiger,” writes one likely fan of “Tiger King.”

One lady bought a princess style bed for her daughter and then picked up a little something for herself.


There are all kinds of crazy stories. Check them all out on this link;

(New York Times)

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