Has technology maybe crossed a line here that we shouldn't cross?  Or is it just simply amazing that this kind of a thing can happen?  I always heard this kind of a deal as "I felt like I needed a smoke afterward" but smoking is now going out of "fashion" so maybe this is the new thing.  PIZZA!! Why not, right?

Here's the deal... a personal device... you know, one of those personal devices will apparently order a pizza from Domino's when you are .... well, when you are "done."



It's called RubGrub and it's an interactive vibrator that will actually order a pizza when you are through using it for it's original use.  You do have to program the thing with like payment information, delivery information and what you would like on your order.  The device is being described as being similar to the Amazon Dash Wand.

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Right now the device is only linked to Domino's, but the company wants to partner in more restaurants so there are more choices.

Get in line, everyone!!!


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