I was a kid during the late 80's/early 90's sports card boom and my dad was fully on board as well. This meant that we spent a lot of time hustling around town to various card shops and trade shows looking for that one rookie card that would become so valuable it could put me through college.

Sadly, my pile of Kevin Maas, Nigel Wilson, David Neid and Brien Taylor rookie cards are barely valuable enough to use as kindling, let alone a single college credit. Despite this, I still hold several fond memories of spending those days with my dad talking baseball and cards with the local shop owners.

Sartell used to have a card shop of its own, The Dugout. Located in the Stonepath Vilage shopping complex near The Blue Line Sports Bar and Grill, the shop was a fun place to check out the sports cards and other nostalgia before (or after) grabbing a drink at the Blue Line.

Despite the store closing over ten years ago, the sign for The Dugout lives on. In fact, I notice the sign every time I drive by the complex and wonder if/when it will ever be taken down.

I am here to garner support from the greater Sartell community to unofficially name the sign itself a historic landmark at this point and to ensure its survival for generations to come. I want to sit my grandkids on my knee someday and explain to them what The Dugout was and why their sign is still up.

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