The Lemonade Art Fair kicked off Granite City Days yesterday morning after taking a year off due to the pandemic.  This art fair and concert happens every year on the Thursday before Granite City Days begins, and brings out vendors from all over the area showing products that they have made and everything is up for sale.  You can purchase on the spot, or many of them have websites that you can purchase from later.  But you generally get the best deals the day of the art fair.


It seemed this year that there were so many more vendors and crafts showing than there have been in previous years.  The thing to consider is that there was more than a year long pandemic, and people probably had a lot more time to spend working on their products.

There was everything from pottery, to woodwork, to unique jewelry, wind chimes, spices, essential oils, glassware, photography and paintings, mixes for drinks that are only available at fairs like this and/or online.

The Lemonade Art Fair brings in a variety of food options as well as some pleasant ear candy with acoustic music being played throughout the day.

Yesterday was the perfect day for the event.  So many people glad to at least get out and enjoy some normalcy returning after quarantine and lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  There were even some sweatshirts for sale that were marking that particular situation.


These rocks could be special ordered.  Many of them were made to mark the life/death of a beloved pet.


Flower pot people- adorable gift ideas.


Some of the photography and woodwork that was available for purchase.


Something for everyone- find a sign that fits your personality and lifestyle.  You could pick one already made, or special order one that is uniquely you.

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Make plans for next year, if you have never attended this art fair.  It's worth the time it takes to stroll through the campus of SCSU.

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