It's that time of year - thinking about Black Friday shopping for the holidays.  At least some people do.  It used to be that people would get out very early in the morining at like 5am to be in line for whatever was the hot item for that year... and season.  Now, people will jump online, or will go "whenever".

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Another change that has happened is that stores are generally remaining closed on Thanksgiving.  There are still a few that are open, but for the most part, stores will be closed that day so that families can have the day together.  You can wait a day to get that "special" item.

We do have some news on when malls and some other stores around the state will open this year.  And virtually (almost) every one will be closed on Thanksgiving Day.


The mall in St. Cloud will be closed on Thanksgiving, and opening Black Friday from 9am to 9pm.  Even though the mall will be closed, Macy's will be available for curb-side delivery on Thanksgiving. Target and WalMart will be closed Thanksgiving and open normal hours on Black Friday. Target has already offered Black Friday deals on weekends leading up to Black Friday.  New things offered each week.


MOA will be closed on Thanksiving, and reopening at 7am on Black Friday.


These stores will open on Black Friday at 6am


This outlet mall will also open on Black Friday at 6am, closing at 9pm.


Opening at 6am on Black Friday


Closed Thanksgiving and open at 5am on Black Friday

Other individual stores within malls in Minnesota may have different hours themselves, while the mall may be closed at certain times on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

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