Masks....again.  This past Saturday, the Minnesota mask mandate went into affect.  The Wednesday before that, St. Cloud added a mask mandate.  But both of those didn't require you to wear a mask if you were doing some sort of strenuous exercise.  That basically meant that you would need to wear a mask into the gym, walking out of the gym and theoretically while you were doing any sort of work out other than a cardio workout since that is "strenuous".

PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw TSM St Cloud
PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw TSM St Cloud

Now, Planet Fitness has  added their own mask mandate.  All members will be required to wear a mask the entire time they are working out at the gym.  This could be easier for some than others.  I have seen comments that people say they cannot breathe well while wearing a mask and working out.  Others say that they had no problem with it, and they have asthma and are claustrophobic.  So, I guess it really is an individual issue. Me, personally, I would think it would be tough to workout doing any sort of cardio exercise while wearing a mask.  But I could be wrong.  Honestly, I haven't tried that yet.

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As a member of Planet Fitness, I am going to try it out and see.  Luckily, it's  summer, and the chance to work out outside doing a cardio exercise is an option.  That is, as long as it's not extremely  hot and humid out.  So I might be doing the weight training at the gym and cardio outside... we will see.  I'm willing to try and see how difficult it is.

I guess this is the world we are living in right now.

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