You may have heard me rave about Robert Plant's new album 'Band Of Joy' on the air. Unlike most of my contacts, I was a serious NON-FAN of his previous solo work with Alison Krause. It is still my assertion that he just did it to get into Alli's pants... and by the looks they were shooting each other at last year's Grammys, it was obvious the strategy succeeded.  But this new album is sans his wet-behind the ears squeeze and has more of an ethereal feel than the blues and rock-a-billy infused Plant/Krause offerings. It just seems more of what I've been wanting from the solo Plant projects.

As a Zepp fan, I faithfully purchased each solo effort he gave us, starting with 'Pictures At Eleven' back in 1982. But when an advance copy of the single 'Gone, Gone, Gone' landed in my covert drop at the back of a 7-11 in Syria, I was horrified. My immediate reaction was that this was an outtake from a drunken and drug-addled studio session slapped together by Plant just to get into some young singer's pants. I could go on and on about how I really, really hated 'Raising Sand', but I'd rather give you some insight into 'Band Of Joy', which is an infinitely better album. So watch the video below produced by the record company to introduce you to the process Plant and co. went through to bring this true return to Plant's early work... with some hijacked Zeppelin DNA mixed in.