I knew it!  Years of working retail and dealing with Christmas music from the stroke of midnight on October 31st to New Year's Day is awful.  I think that might be what jaded me as far as Christmas goes with the decorations being put up too early, and music being played WAY too early.  How about one holiday at a time?  Let's get through Thanksgiving, then hit it hard.  I like Fall decor, and I like celebrating Thanksgiving, then the next day going right into Christmas.  If people want to put up lights and things outside on their house when it's warmer, I get that.  Just don't turn the lights on until Thanksgiving weekend.  That's just my take...

Until now...

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There is now scientific proof that playing Christmas music too loudly and to early is actually bad for your health.  It's irritating.  It also can really stress a person out.  All rationality leaves and people start thinking about all the things they need to do to prepare for this holiday.  Including the food, gift buying, shopping, organizing, time management, baking, travel arrangements and whatever else you may have on your plate.

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So, just for health's sake.. hold off on the Christmas music until the end of November... at least.

Thank you.