Let me start by saying this is NOT an official rule at Coborn's or any other grocery store that I know of. However, it is (in my opinion) an unwritten rule: Don't bring a giant cart full of groceries to the gas station checkout.

This admittedly very much a 'first world problem,' but there are few things as frustrating as running to Coborn's, parking on the Little Dukes side, grabbing the carton of eggs your wife so desperately needs for whatever and then standing in line for five minutes because Karen brought her giant cart full of groceries to this checkout.

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Again, not an official rule, but it's gotta be ten items or less. The Little Dukes side is for folks like me, who just throw on sweats and run to the store to quickly grab something. Or, you know, someone buying gas or whatever.

Listen, I am sure it's easier for you to park on the gas station side and -bam- after you pay you are right at your car. However, for us slobs who were not prepared to be in public for more than 45 seconds, you are killing us!

Let's all agree to this rule: gas station side is for ten items or less, the rest of the store is a free-for-all! We all win!

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